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Why do people keep on drinking after the first few?

Why do people keep on drinking after the first few? The answer shouldn’t be circular or tautological, as in ‘That’s what alcoholics do.’ The answer should actually shed some light on the matter. I’ve asked myself this question many times in the course of doing therapy with problem drinkers. I’ve asked them, too. This seems to be one of those questions that the person doing the activity in question has a hard time answering. Read more

Why Do People Who Drink Excessively Need Personal Therapy?

Why do people have to be in therapy in order to stop drinking? You’d think that bad outcomes themselves would be reason enough to stop or at least lead to being careful and moderate. Why would a person need therapy in order to stop harming himself and getting himself in trouble? The simple answer is that people are doing the best they can in living’”doing the best they can to cope with the stress and challenges of life as they experience them. Read more

How Does Change Occur in Psychotherapy?

I think it will be helpful to me and to prospective and beginning clients to try to provide an overview of how I think about …

Make-Believe in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Therapists shouldn’t be in the business of make-believe. There is a great deal of make-believe in the addiction treatment …