Month: August 2013

man thinking about when to seek therapy

The Identified Patient

I typically meet men who describe problematic sexual behavior following an ultimatum given by their wife to get into treatment or else. They have been discovered. Their wife wants their sexual addiction treated. The men are sitting in my office because they want the marriage to continue. Why they want the marriage to continue, is frequently not that clear. There are often children, money, and property involved. Reputation is involved. The prospect of losing their familiar way of life is not attractive. Read more

How Does Change Occur in Psychotherapy?

I think it will be helpful to me and to prospective and beginning clients to try to provide an overview of how I think about …

Make-Believe in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Therapists shouldn’t be in the business of make-believe. There is a great deal of make-believe in the addiction treatment …

Magical Thinking About Drinking

Most of the people I see who have serious drinking problems express the hope that they can over time acquire the ability …