Month: April 2013

Sex Addiction Treatment

The goal of diagnosis is to formulate a realistic and adequate statement of what is the matter. Treatment has no direction without a grasp of what is ailing an individual. I have discussed my view of what is going on in sex addiction in a companion piece. As with all addictions, what is the matter in the case of sex addiction treatment must refer to what is actually driving the person’s insatiable need for the addictive activity and all the fantasizing, planning, arranging, plotting, and scheming that goes along with it. Read more

What Drives Sex Addiction?

Calling a behavior or activity an addiction connotes an insatiable yearning to engage in the behavior or activity. Sex addicts spend a lot of time and energy (and often money) looking for and engaging in sexual activity of some kind. A desire to have sex presumably needs no explanation; what needs explanation is the insatiable, driving, devil may care, indifferent to consequences character of the role of sex in the lives of some people.
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How Does Change Occur in Psychotherapy?

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Make-Believe in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Therapists shouldn’t be in the business of make-believe. There is a great deal of make-believe in the addiction treatment …

Magical Thinking About Drinking

Most of the people I see who have serious drinking problems express the hope that they can over time acquire the ability …