Month: August 2012

Whose Interests Really Matter?

One cannot be precise about the figures, but it is all too apparent that many people grow up having to endure very serious adversity within their own family. In 1962, in a landmark article appearing in Journal of the American Medical Association, a group of emergency room physicians implored medical colleagues across the country to stop covering up parental battering of infants and young children.Maltreatment of children within the family is not a pleasant topic, but it will not do to make believe it does not happen or that it is rare. Read more

How Does Change Occur in Psychotherapy?

I think it will be helpful to me and to prospective and beginning clients to try to provide an overview of how I think about …

Make-Believe in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Therapists shouldn’t be in the business of make-believe. There is a great deal of make-believe in the addiction treatment …